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Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation

Toyota in Summary

The leading vehicle brand
garnering 13 consecutive
Triple Crown awards with the
highest passenger
car sales, commercial vehicles sales and
overall sales since 2002

Incorporated in 1988, TMP
engages in assembly,
importation and wholesale
distribution of Toyota and
Lexus brands motor vehicles
in the Philippines

TMP is a business venture between GT Capital, Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan, and Mitsui and Co., Ltd. 

Products include vehicles and
service parts for local sales and
OEM and service parts for export

Manufacturing facility located in
the TSEZ in Santa Rosa City

Operates assembly lines for
Innova and Vios

Key competitors in Philippines
include Mitsubishi, Hyundai,
Honda, Isuzu, Nissan and Ford

Apart from sales to the general
public, other key customer
groups include pharmaceutical
companies, taxi companies and
government entities



Lexus Manila, Inc.
Toyota Makati

Toyota San Fernando,
Market Leadership
TMP product sales have
consistently outperformed its

Leading automotive brand in
the Philippines, with a 2016
market share of 39%

Top in overall sales in 26 out of 28 years since 1989
Thirteen consecutive Triple Crown awards Top selling brand for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and overall sales since 2002

Key competitive advantages
Product Quality, durability and
Value for
Affordable vehicles
that command high
resale values in the
High quality vehicles
and personalized
innovation from a
global leader in

Extensive Dealership
Geographically diverse
dealership outlets for both retail
and service, covering both
Metro Manila and the wider

Provides channels for
customers to purchase Toyota
vehicles as well as readily
available after-sales service
and maintenance

As of June 30, 2016, the
Toyota dealer network
(including Lexus) in the
Philippines consisted of 52
dealership facilities, which
serve as channels to customers

Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation (TMP) is an automotive manufacturing company incorporated in August 3, 1988. TMP is a joint venture of GT Capital Holdings, Inc., Toyota Motor Corporation, and Mitsui & Company Limited.

In 1995, the Toyota Santa Rosa (Laguna) Industrial complex was declared as a Special Economic Zone. The 82-hectare Toyota Special Economic Zone (TSEZ) houses Toyota's manufacturing plant and head office, and is home to a number of investors performing strategic roles in the manufacture and export of automotive products to ASEAN, Japan, and other parts of the world.

TMP is the biggest automotive company in the country, with the widest vehicle line-up of 17 models and a sales distribution and service network composed of 47 outlets nationwide. Products include the Vios, Innova, Corolla Altis, Yaris, Camry, Fortuner, Hilux, Hilux FX, Avanza, Prius, Rav4, Hiace, Previa, LC200, Prado, Alphard, and Coaster. The TMP manufacturing plant currently produces the best-selling Innova and Vios. TMP is also the official distributor of the Lexus brand in the Philippines with a dealership in Metro Manila.

Ownership Structure

Company Milestones

Extensive Quality Products

As the exclusive wholesale distributor in the Philippines, TMP offers award winning products tailored to the Philippine domestic market.

TMP has excellent product quality with numerous awards
  • High-quality, well-designed parts for vehicles manufactured in the Philippines purchased from TMC and authorized TMC suppliers
  • Manufactured vehicles subject to Toyota’s international quality standards

Excellent Quality Company Award” in the Team Toyota Asia Pacific Meeting held in Singapore in 2011
Outstanding Achievement on Productivity and Quality” Award at the 2011 Kapatiran sa Industriya ("KAPATID") Awards, a biennial activity of the Employers Confederation of the Philippines

Extensive product range well tailored to the domestic market
  • TMP currently offers 20 Toyota models and 14 Lexus models in the Philippines from TMC’s wide product range
  • Two models, Vios and Innova, are locally manufactured while the rest of the models are imported as Completely Built Up vehicles
  • Wide range of after-sales parts consisting of service parts, oils and chemicals and accessories

Extensive product range well tailored to the domestic market

Most recent awards and recognitions (2014) include:

In April 2015, Toyota Motor Philippines marked the sale of its one millionth vehicle. 

Financial Highlights as of June 2016

Toyota Market Share as of 30 June 2016

Source: Company data

Company Highlights

Ground breaking ceremony for Toyota Motor Philippines School of Technology (TMP Tech). GT Capital Group Chairman Dr. George S.K. Ty shakes hands with Mr. Shoichiro Toyoda, Honorary Chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation.

Toyota Motor Philippines introduces the Wigo, a low-cost green car (LCGC) in the Philippines on February 2014.

Inaugural Vios Cup, promoting 'waku doki'. The Vios Cup featured three races held in the Clark International Speedway (twice) and McKinley West at Fort BGC. 

Toyota Motor Philippines launched the full-model change of the Corolla Altis in January 2014

GT Capital Owned Toyota Franchises

Toyota Manila Bay Corporation and Toyota Cubao, Inc.

Toyota Financial Services